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      Tamper proof packaging

      Tampering, no matter whether accidental or deliberate, can be problematic at best and dangerous at worst to certain goods. In most case it renders them unsuitable for consumption or sale. That is why when it comes to keeping your products protected, tamper proof packaging is a great option.

      At Sarcina Packaging, we understand the importance of providing secure, tamper proof packaging designed to help you keep your products safe for the factory to the end user. No matter whether you work in pharmaceuticals, healthcare or the food and beverage industry, we are able to help you find the perfect solution for your products.

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      What is tamper proof packaging?

      Tamper proof packaging is an essential requirement for any business offering products that need to be kept secure and free from contamination. Unlike tamper evident options, which are designed to simply show customers that the packaging has been opened already, tamper proof packaging is designed to make it physically harder to open. Although relevant to many areas of business it is e-commerce where the tamper proof pack is most useful and therefore common. It allows the brand owner and the end user to know with confidence that the products they receive have not been tampered with.

      The packaging is designed to prevent any theft or tampering on the journey from the manufacturing facility through to the customer purchase. This not only ensures that you are able to give customers the very best products possible, but it also gives them complete peace of mind about the items they have purchased.

      Why choose Sarcina tamper proof packaging?

      At Sarcina Packaging, we understand the importance of effective tamper proof packaging. That is why we offer our customers a proven peel and seal tape and perforated rip strip solution that firmly secures the box until the end user opens it.

      We have carefully designed our packaging to ensure that it keeps your products protected from damage and theft. We also utilise integrated tear strips and interlocking tabs to provide customers with a clear and visible indication that the box has been tampered with.

      But of course there is also another set of benefits to peel and seal tape closures and that is pack line efficiency. The nature of the peel and seal taped closure means the process of sealing the boxes becomes that much quicker. Not to mention cleaner and better looking than closing the box with tape or a label.

      Of course, we also want to give our customers the very best experience possible. That is why alongside maximising the security, we have also designed our tamper proof packaging to be as efficient to assemble and pack as possible. The unique design ensures that your packers will be able to pack items far quicker, saving you both time and money.

      As with all of our packaging, we customise the solutions to meet your requirements. This means we can design the box to any size, ensuring your products fit perfectly and minimising the risk of damage while in transit. We are able to add our secure system to many different types of die-cut cartons, although the most common is within the 0400 range of folder-type boxes. We can also design and include customer inserts within the carton to further secure the products within.

      Protect your products today

      Our proven tamper proof packaging is utilised across a huge variety of industries, including the health and beauty, pet care, horticultural, e-Commerce, food, beverage, retail, pharmaceutical, apparel, transit and manufacturing sectors. Our bespoke approach ensures that you can always enjoy perfectly designed solutions created around your products, giving your customers the very best experience possible.

      So if you want to learn more about how we can help you, or to find out more about the other packaging solutions we offer here at Sarcina, get in touch today.

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      Tamper proof packaging

      Tamper proof packaging
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