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      Corrugated cases / Slotted boxes

      Corrugated cases, slotted boxes, transit boxes or the 0200 range of cartons are the most common packaging solutions in the World. The reason they are so ubiquitous is that they are simple in their design, effective at their job and cost effective. When it comes to transporting goods, you donít have to look far in order to find a corrugated cases/slotted boxes.

      At Sarcina Packaging, we know the vital role corrugated cases and slotted boxes play in your business. That is why we provide our clients with the highest-quality solutions and the very best prices.

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      What are corrugated cases and slotted boxes?

      As one of the most common and cost-effective box options available, corrugated cases and slotted boxes are ideal for transporting goods. They are essentially a slotted box that consists of one piece of corrugated board that has been either glued, stitched or taped together to form a carton. This carton is then completely closed with the top and bottom flaps, ensuring maximum protection for your products.

      Alongside offering exceptional strength and protection, corrugated cases and slotted boxes are a very affordable and lightweight solution. Their unique design means that they can provide high load capabilities and cushioning without requiring expensive materials or larger boxes.

      Why choose Sarcina corrugated cases and slotted boxes?

      Our mission is to help our customers enjoy the most durable and stylish packaging possible. That is why we provide a wide range of options for corrugated cases and slotted boxes, allowing you to find the perfect solution for your needs.

      Customers can choose from either a bleached white or a natural brown corrugated board, while we also offer single, double or triple wall solutions depending on the level of protection and load capabilities you require. We are also able to provide flexo printing, allowing you to add your own unique touch to each case.

      As we print, press or glue our slotted boxes in one pass of the case maker machine, compared to the two or three required for die cut cartons, it means that they are one of our most cost-effective options. To help you maximise your efficiency, each case is delivered flat packed and ready to use. To give you complete peace of mind that your products are secure while in transit, we are also able to provide inserts and cell dividers as required, ensuring an entirely bespoke solution for your requirements.

      Find your corrugated cases and slotted boxes today

      At Sarcina Packaging, we want to make your packaging requirements as simple and as straightforward as possible. That is why we offer incredibly attractive options, such as minimum order qualities of just 500 units, while we also have highly competitive, high-volume cases available with a minimum order quantity starting from 3,000 units.

      When it comes to business, you need to be able to respond to your customers quickly. That is why we also strive to provide your packaging as soon as possible, with lead times often as short as just 48 hours.

      Want to learn more about our extensive range of packaging solutions and how we can help you? Get in touch with our friendly team, who will be happy to help!

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      Corrugated cases / Slotted boxes

      Corrugated cases / Slotted boxes
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