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      Cardboard dividers

      Protect your products with confidence using Sarcina's versatile cardboard dividers, manufactured to safeguard your products during transit. Our interlocking card box dividers offer customisable options and effortless assembly, ensuring efficient and secure packing tailored to your business needs and specifications. 

      From delicate items to bulk shipments, our cardboard dividers provide the perfect hassle-free solution for organising and protecting your goods throughout their journey. Explore our comprehensive range of dividers today and enhance the security of your valuable items during shipping and handling.

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      What are cardboard dividers?

      Cardboard dividers are a method of dividing up the space within a cardboard box into cells, helping to keep products separated and secure. Typically, these dividers are intended to be used in a FEFCO 0201 cardboard box but can, in theory, be used in any box as they are custom designed. We are able to provide the dividers sets assembled meaning that they are quick and easy to construct into the box. We can also provide custom sized layer pads to create layers of cells. These are most commonly used for bottles and jars.

      These dividers then help to keep your products secure in the box while in transit, reducing the risk of them colliding together and becoming damaged.

      Why choose Sarcina cardboard dividers?

      Ensuring your products arrive free from damage is vital to customer service. That is why here at Sarcina Packaging, we are committed to helping our clients find the perfect packaging solution. Our proven cardboard dividers are the ideal way to transform your logistics.

      Each divider is made up of two components, Part A and Part B, which then quickly interlock together to form the individual cell dividers. These components are very easy to connect and assemble into your box, helping to ensure that you can enjoy far quicker packing times.

      Our cardboard dividers have a minimum height of 60mm, and we offer up to a maximum of 420mm, which makes them suitable for a large range bottles and eCommerce products. We are also able to provide customers with a minimum cell size of just 30mm. To guarantee the highest levels of protection while in transit, you can choose from either single wall or double wall corrugated board, and we can also incorporate layer pads as required.

      Available in FEFCO 0931, 0932 and 0933, these cardboard dividers will come unprinted, helping to ensure they remain universal.

      Looking for cardboard dividers?

      Our cardboard dividers are the perfect addition to your packaging and can help you to speed up your packing processes and minimise the risk of damage while in transit. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality products at an affordable price, and we do not have any minimum order quantities for our dividers in the standard grade, ensuring you can always get what you require.

      We work with a wide range of companies across a vast array of industries, including health and beauty, pet care, horticultural, eCommerce, food and beverage, retail, pharmaceutical, apparel, transit and manufacturing, so we can support you no matter what you need.

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      Cardboard dividers

      Cardboard dividers
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