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      Single walled boxes

      When it comes to logistics and transporting goods, cardboard boxes are the obvious solutions. And one of the most common. Not only do they help to keep your products safe and secure when in transit, but their symmetrical shape also makes them very easy to stack and store.

      At Sarcina Packaging, we offer our customers a vast array of proven packaging designed to help them improve their efficiency and simplify their logistics.

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      What are single walled boxes?

      As the name suggests a single walled box is one that comprises of a single layer of corrugate material. They are typically used to transport light and medium weight goods and can be configured into any style or design. They are constructed from three layers of paper that have then been bonded into one single sheet or board using starch. This helps to give the box its shape and definition, and the overall strength is primarily determined by the interior layer, which is called the fluting. Additional strength can be obtained by increasing the grammage of the liner papers.

      Single walled cardboard boxes are one of the most effective and affordable solutions for storing and transporting light to medium weight products such as clothing, food, apparel and e-commerce items. With a typical load weighting of up to 10kg, single walled boxes are perfect for businesses looking for a short-term method of transporting goods or a secure short-term storage solution.

      Single walled boxes can be created from a range of materials, but the two main types of paper used for the corrugated section is either Kraft paper or Test paper. Of these two, Kraft paper, which is manufactured from softwood trees, is the most common for the outside liner thanks to the exceptional strength that it offers. The inner liner is commonly made of recycled materials know as test paper. The fluting can be further strengthen with semi chemical fluting - made of 80% hardwood fibres and 20% softwood fibres that offers higher performance and excellent crush resistance.

      Why choose Sarcina single walled boxes?

      As a provider of custom-made packaging, here at Sarcina Packaging, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional products at the most competitive rates possible. We can offer any size and style of single walled box whether that be an 0201 glued case, a die cut 0427 or a shelf ready pack 0215.

      Using suitable materials for the specific box construction required allows us to help ensure strong protection for your products in transit. Our design team can assist by producing one off plain CAD samples of your proposed box which allows you to fine tune the design and help ensure the final product is fit for the purpose required. FSC accredited materials are also available.

      To ensure that our customers can ship whatever they need, we offer our single walled boxes in a range of liner papers. We also utilise a range of different flute profiles and sizes, including the most common:

      • B Flute – 3mm
      • C Flute – 4mm
      • E Flute – 1.5mm
      • F Flute (nano) – 0.7mm

      Discover the right packaging for your needs

      Our ability to design any style of single walled boxes ensures that you can always find the right solution for your storage and transportation needs. Of course, single walled boxes are also suitable for use across almost every sector and industry, as well as being applicable to all FEFCO codes.

      If you are looking for something a little different we also provide a wide range of other packaging options, so get in touch to learn more about how we can help you.

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      Single walled boxes

      Single walled boxes
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