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      Printed sleeves

      No matter whether you are looking to prevent tampering or provide important information to your customersí, printed sleeves are an essential part of the packaging. These play a vital role in the packing process and are amongst some of the most popular bespoke items on the market.

      At Sarcina Packaging, we know the important role that printed sleeves play in elevating your brand and giving your customers the very best experience possible. That is why we are proud to offer an extensive choice of high-quality sleeves. At the very best prices.

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      What are printed sleeves?

      Packaging sleeves, or belly band packaging as it is also known, is a piece of cardboard that wraps around your product. These sleeves help to seal the packaging, preventing it from being tampered with, damaged, or stolen. However, alongside the level of protection, printed sleeves are also a great way to provide important information to customers, such as ingredients, nutritional information, or specific introductions. They also provide brand standout in the retail environment.

      Many printed sleeves are also able to feature a range of additional options, such as open apertures or windows that allow customers to see the product inside. The lightweight material used in their construction can also be litho printed in a range of colours or to feature a specific logo.

      Why choose Sarcina printed sleeves?

      Our printed sleeves are one of our most sought-after custom items, and we offer our customers a range of styles to choose from all of which are designed around the specific pot or tray in question. Most commonly, our sleeves are produced from caron board or folding box board, ranging from 250mu to 600mu. They are also typically open ended on both ends and connected in a straight line with glue; however, we can offer different solutions upon request.

      Although carton is our most common material, for customers looking for a sturdier solution, we are also able to provide printed sleeves in a corrugated material. Both materials are fully recyclable and manufactured from a sustainable source.

      We want to help you create the best impression on your customers, which is why all of our printed sleeves can be litho printed in up to six colours. This is an excellent and low cost method of not only enhancing your branding and capturing the attention of passers-by but also providing customers with essential information. To maximise the impact on your customers, we can also print the inside of the sleeve, creating a truly premium product. Alternatively we can print on the uncoated side of the board for a flatter and more Ďorganicí looking finish.

      Discover our premium printed sleeves today

      If you are looking to create the best first impression on your customers and ensure that they have all of the information that they need about your products, then printed sleeves are an essential requirement. Here at Sarcina Packaging, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional packaging solutions designed to help you elevate your brand. All at market leading prices with short leadtimes.

      Our printed sleeves are utilised across almost every industry, including automotive, health and beauty, pet care, food and beverage, retail, pharmaceutical, transit and manufacturing. We are committed to delivering attractive prices and have a minimum order quantity of just 500 units, so if you have a question or want to discover more about our range? Get in touch today!

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      Printed sleeves

      Printed sleeves
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