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      Double walled boxes

      No matter whether you are looking to transport heavy products or store your larger items for a short while, double walled cardboard boxes are one of the most common solutions in the world. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly and durable container, then double walled boxes are a highly effective option.

      Double walled boxes offer exceptional strength and versatility, and here at Sarcina Packaging, we are able to provide our clients with some of the leading packaging solutions on the market.

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      What are double walled boxes?

      Double walled boxes are a heavy duty storage and distribution solution suitable for a wide range of products. As the name suggests, they are created from two flutings that are sandwiched between a central liner and two outer layers. This means that they are able to provide far greater strength compared to the more traditional single walled options. They also have been puncture resistance.

      Alongside being able to withstand greater weight, double walled boxes are also able to provide greater cushioning, protecting your products from damage during transit and storage. They can also be easily customised to a wide range of sizes, ensuring you can always find the right solution for your needs.

      Why choose Sarcina double walled boxes?

      At Sarcina Packaging, we know how important double walled boxes can be. That is why we pride ourselves on delivering the very best solutions possible for our customers, and we offer a wide range of options, including EB, BC and EE flute profiles. . The fluting can be further strengthen with semi chemical fluting - made of 80% hardwood fibres and 20% softwood fibres that offers higher performance and excellent crush resistance. In addition to this the liner papers range from 125gsm to 200gsm allowing a wide range of strengths to be created.

      Our mission is to help you enhance your logistics and packaging, and our experienced team will work closely with you to create the perfect solution for your requirements. All of our double walled boxes are available in either a natural unbleached corrugated option or as a bleached white material. For those clients looking to add that premium touch, we also provide a clay coated board that provides a waxy finish that helps to enhance a print finish.

      To help you capture the attention of customers, we are able to offer a range of bespoke printing solutions. From plain finishes to flexo and digital printing, we can help you create any design or logo that you would like to incorporate.

      We utilise the finest materials to guarantee the most durable and long-lasting double walled boxes possible, and each option can be made into die cut cartons or transit cases depending on your requirements. Thanks to their unique construction, our packaging provides superior support to your products, helping to keep them safe in transit.

      Looking for double walled boxes?

      If you are looking for strong and durable double walled boxes, then Sarcina Packaging is here to help you. We pride ourselves on offering the very best packaging possible, ensuring you can enjoy superior support and storage for your products when in transit.

      We work with clients across almost every sector possible, including automotive, health and beauty, pet care, horticulture, eCommerce, food and drink, retail, pharmaceuticals, apparel, transit, and manufacturing, so if you want to learn more about our services get in touch!

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      Double walled boxes

      Double walled boxes
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