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      Flexo printed boxes

      Discover cost-effective packaging with flexo-printed boxes from Sarcina Packaging. Flexographic printing provides a budget-friendly method for achieving sharp images and vibrant colours on cardboard. Our personalised flexo printed cardboard packaging offers high-quality, vibrant prints suitable for various industries. 

      Ideal for retail products, food items, and promotional materials, flexo-printed boxes enhance your brand presence without breaking the bank. At Sarcina Packaging, we deliver tailored packaging solutions that meet your specific needs.

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      What is flexo printing?

      Flexo, or flexographic printing, is a unique style of printing that utilises a flexible printing plate. The method is very similar to the traditional letterpress and is most commonly used for printing on non-porous substrates or in flood printing.

      Flexo printing uses a direct-to-board method, with the flexible relief plate offsetting the ink directly onto the packaging before it has been die cut into the desired shape. The highly versatile technique can be used across an extensive array of packaging, with a separate printing plate being required for every colour that you would like to be printed onto your boxes. The more colours that you are looking to utilise, the more ink stations and printing plates that will be required, increasing the overall cost accordingly. The overall surface area and the complexity of the printing can also impact the overall cost. If you would like to get an estimate for your project, contact our Sarcina Packaging team today.

      Depending on the materials being used in your packaging, you made need to seal the ink by using a varnish. In this instance, you will need to use a special varnish plate which operates in the exact same way as a flexible printing plate. We are able to apply this varnish in either a blanket stereo or, should you require only bespoke areas so you can add additional information at a later date, such as batch number, sell-by date, or product-specific information, then we can also do this for you.

      Learn more about our flexo printing today!

      At Sarcina Packaging, we are dedicated to providing high-quality off-the-shelf and custom-made packaging to our customers. Our mission is to help transform your logistics and enhance the efficiency of your packing, allowing you to maximise the experience that your customers face.

      Our flexo printing solutions will allow you to add a personalised appearance or functional advice to your packaging. We can provide our printing services across a wide range of FEFCO applications, including 0201, 0200, 0203, 0210, 0211, 0215, 0216, 0300, 0409, 0426, 0427, 0429, 0216, 0501, 0701, 0711, 0713, 0715, 0717 and 0422.

      Although flexo printing is commonly used in the food and beverage sector, we regularly work with customers across a huge range of industries, including automotive, health and beauty, pet care, horticulture, eCommerce, retail, pharmaceuticals, apparel, transit and manufacturing. Want to learn more about our printing and packaging services? Get in touch today!

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      Flexo printed boxes

      Flexo printed boxes
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